Salaried, not full-time.

I often hear the word ‘full-timer’ as the opposite of ‘freelancer’. Don’t freelancers work full-time? I even know freelancers who work only for one client 8 hours a day — they just don’t get PF, gratuity etc.

When I started freelancing 6-7 years ago, freelancing was for part-timers. Most of them did extra work on the side. While others with personal commitments, did it for a few hours. So much so that a client was surprised when I told him that I had a proof-reader. He asked, “Oh, that’s professional! I thought you were just doing this on the side and your husband takes care of the household.”

But so much water has gone under the bridge since then. Today, freelancers are legit businesspeople — no different from agencies or small businesses. Yet, we continue to stick to the ‘full-time’ vs. ‘freelance’ thought-process.

I don’t like it. So, I use the words ‘salaried employment’ instead of ‘full-time’. I don’t make a big deal of it. I just use it casually like that’s the way it is meant to be. Also helps with my need for precision.