How to make a resume that stands out: A handbook.


Yes. @_tharkuri got me a good job, by editing my CV. I will gladly recommend.

It even helped me by not getting called for “bad jobs”. Those HRs insisted to have a 10 page CV. And many never called because mine was 2 pages.

I owe her a lunch. Just don’t remind her that.

— 🦒 (@4SN) March 18, 2020

In the last 5-6 years, I’ve helped over 100 professionals make their CVs. Most of them have got the jobs they wanted. In fact, The Whole Works began from this very skill set and expanded to being a larger conversation about work, workplace, freelancing etc. Today, I’m bringing together all my experience to show you how to make a resume!

What is it?

It is a step-by-step guide on making resumes / CVs. It is for everyone who doesn’t know where to start, too embarrassed to get help, don’t know who to get help from, or don’t have the money to get professional advice: This ebook will walk you through how to make a resume.

What does it have?

I begin the ebook by setting some ground rules — about the purpose of a CV and how to approach it. Then, I explore what all goes into a resume and offer examples. After that is, of course, I answer a bunch of frequently asked questions.

It is all of 15 pages. Perfectly practical. To the point.

Why do I need it?

I’ve seen 100+ CVs from entrepreneurs, freshers, senior management folks, from across the country, in various industries. There have been only 4-5 that have been great! All others grossly undersell their capabilities. They look inside-out and present irrelevant information in a haphazard manner.

A good CV can truly change your life. This e-book is the means by which you can present yourself confidently in the job market. If you already have a good CV, great. If you don’t, you’ll learn how to make yours a good one.