30 Days To Writing Better.


We writers can be assholes sometimes. Acting like we have some otherworldly skills. Looking down upon those who can’t turn a phrase as effortlessly as we can. Whose argument is a wee bit wonky. Being nitpicky about the apostrophes and the dashes. We writers think we can change the world. 

Well, good writing can. 

But, this world-changing doesn’t have to be a grand investigative piece in the New Yorker. It can be that considerate email you send a struggling colleague too. 

Whether we accept it or not, we all write. Emails, WhatsApp messages, memes, presentations, sticky notes, blog posts, case studies, love notes, resignation letters, tweets, Facebook posts, letters to the editor, letters to the police inspector seeking to file an FIR — words make the world go around.

So, writer or not, writing well can be immensely useful. And November 2020 is your 30 days to writing better. Every single day, we bring tips, tricks, and experiences to help you write well

I’ll do some writing myself. I’ve also asked a group of excellent and gracious writers to contribute. I’ll keep you posted. 

Or just download an ebook with the 30 blog posts