How to write well without taking too much time?


Hi Ranjani,

I have read your articles and found them interesting and useful. I wanted to get your advice on something.

I can write reasonably well, however I find it challenging to articulate my thoughts. When I do that I tend to spend a lot of time putting together something either a short note or a detailed write up.

Based on your experience I wanted to check if you will be able to share any pointers on how I could write better at the same time without spending too much time.

Any thoughts you could share on this would be much appreciated.



Hahahahi, S! You are asking for alchemy, my friend. There is no way to write well without spending too much time.

  • The more time you spend writing, the better you write in the long-term.

  • The more time you spend in research, the deeper you’ll understand the topic and so can write better.

  • The more time you spend editing, the more refined your work will be.

In essence, the more time you spend now, the less time you will in the future. I’m afraid that’s my best advice.