How do you write everyday?

This is the 50th blog post going live on The Whole Works. This means that, since launch, I’ve written one blog post (almost) everyday, in addition to an ebook and a cash flow tracker. Congrats to me! 🙂

In the last week, I’ve had multiple people ask me:

How do you write everyday?

Well, of course, I’m a writer, that’s what I do. But that’s not what they’re asking. They want to know how I’m able to come up with an idea, write and publish every single day. Because it’s not easy. Trust me, I grandly started a 365 project many years ago and didn’t get past 60, I think. The Whole Works is different.

For The Whole Works, I don’t write everyday. I only publish everyday. I write 7 blog posts on Sunday and schedule them to be published until the next Sunday and so on. Writing 2000 words on one day is far easier than breaking it down over 7 consecutive days.

But, don’t you get writer’s block? How do you get 7 ideas every Sunday morning like clock work?

I don’t. I mine my life for ideas and keep note every time one occurs to me. For instance, a friend pinged me and asked how I write everyday. And I wrote it down as a blog post idea in my note-taking app. On Sunday, I almost always have more than 7 ideas to choose from. So, all I have to do is write, no excuse available.

What happens if you miss a day?

I say ‘there there’ and go to the next one and continue like the blip never happened. If you’ve ever quit smoking, you’ll know that getting tempted to pick up that one cigarette doesn’t mean you’ve to start smoking like a chimney again.

What keeps you going?

The promise I made to people who read me. I realised a few years ago that I am fussy about keeping my word. It’s been rough since Covid, but if I say I will, I will. So, I use that to my advantage. I don’t think of it as “meh, no one reads my little blog”. I think of it as “even if it helps one person each day, it’s worth it”.

Thank you for coming to my 50th party. Here’s for many more to come!