I prefer to stand during video calls (and a plug of some fab advice).

Working from home for 7-8 years now, if there is one thing I’ve realised, it’s that the way I plonk my body has a direct effect on how I feel, and therefore behave.

Because I’m all of 4’11, it’s difficult to find a workstation for me — table is too tall, chair is too tall, the stool at my foot is uncomfortable, that kinda thing. I’ve tried *various* sorts of furniture and nothing works. What I love is sitting on the floor or bed with a breakfast table for my laptop. It just works.

But naturally and slowly, I slide back and start acting like life is an uncomfortable journey and I’m in a semi-sleeper bus playing KTV. While this isn’t optimal, I don’t mind for writing and excel-making. Meh, win some lose some.

However, this is the worst posture for calls. My posture of passive and distanced discomfort comes through in my voice and sets the tone for the call (I’m the boss, so, I have a disproportionate impact on the mood of internal calls).

So, these days, I stand. I put the laptop at eye-level (or near-enough) and just stand. The difference it makes to my energy level is palpable. You can palp it here.

In addition, there is some fantastic advice about freelancing in India. Watch off!