Should you go freelance?

Freelancing is a tempting proposition — it has its perks. Even among skeptics, the reasons to not go freelance are often about stability of income or fear of not getting enough clients. In my mind, these are problems that can be easily solved.

If you are considering freelancing, here’s one question I’d like you to ask yourself: Are you ready to run an entire business all by yourself?

This is including, but not limited to, building your website, writing your own copy, doing your own design, making your own presentations, sales, delivery, customer engagement, invoicing, accounting, paying bills, doing your taxes, buying and maintaining your assets.

Sure, you can outsource a few things, say, find a reliable accountant. But you’re still ‘responsible’ for it. You still need to understand the law and stay on top of deadlines.

Being a freelancer is no different from running a small business. When you’re deciding to go freelance, get ready to spend significant time and energy ‘running the business’. Often, this might take more time than the ‘work’ you deliver to your clients, and that’s okay as long as it’s profitable for you.