Shark Tank taught me to accept myself as a ‘writer’.


Last weekend, we paid money to subscribe to yet another OTT platform, Voot, just so we could watch Shark Tank. I discovered the show very many years ago when it was playing on television — Star World, if I remember correctly. And I’ve watched every season since.

It has been a bit of a companion in my growth as an entrepreneur. I learned a lot. I learned to apply abstract ideas about valuation to practice. I learned to tell the difference between a profitable business and an investable business. I learned that ‘scale’ is not every business’ end-game. 

Most importantly, I learned that you don’t need to be the next Tesla. You can do great even if you invented a better kitchen scrub.

For a long time I used to talk about myself as a ‘marketing consultant’, ‘content strategist’ etc., because I believed that positioning myself as a ‘writer’ is selling myself short.  And that you can deliver ‘high-value’ only if you’re in strategy / planning and such other top management things.

But the truth is, there is real and tangible value in a well-written sentence. I’m perfectly happy being ‘just’ the writer of that.