Have a rainy day task list.

When you’re freelancing, you’ll have down days, or even weeks. There will be times when you’ve no work, don’t know who to pitch to, no one is responding, you’re drawing a blank, and questioning your very existence. Expect it, prepare for it. Start with a rainy day task list.

A rainy day task list is basically work that will keep you busy, while there is no one pushing you to do it.

This doesn’t have to be more work. I watched Hitchcock movies for a week after I got fired! This list isn’t about reminding you that you’re jobless. It’s about keeping you occupied satisfactorily in your down time. Here are a few things that I keep in mind, while adding things to the rainy day task list.

  • Make it things you wish for, but have no hurry about. It shouldn’t become another list that makes you feel inadequate about not doing it (until the rainy day).

  • Add things you can do without having to buy a million things. Don’t add, “go skiing” to the list. Add “go to the Connemara library” instead.

  • Keep it to things that can be abandoned if more work comes your way. At least downscaled, without feeling like you’re a chronic ditcher. So, don’t start another business, yet.

  • Make sure the ideas are not time-bound. If your rainy day task is to write a long-form article about 2019 Cricket World Cup, you’re probably already late.

  • Don’t make it something you need someone else for. No freelancer has down time buddies. Pick things you can do on your own.

In fact, I wish you enough free time to do all the things you wish for! 🙂