Too many courses. Too little time.

In the last 5-6 years, I’ve signed up for Wesleyan University’s The Modern and The Postmodern several times. I’ve read Kant, Rousseau and Nietzsche as many times, but never got past that. I never got to Postmodernism, which was the reason I signed up for the course in the first place. Even in 2015, there were already too many courses and too little time.

Forward to COVID-ridden 2020, everyone’s offering a course and how can I not want to do them all? Here’s my wish list in case you have too much time and nothing to do! 🙂

Bharat Bhaskaran’s How to empower others

A 5-part course on how you can become a better leader/manager/coach/mentor. Bharat is a good friend, who does inspiring work. His current batch is done. But do follow Bharat for any future batches he might open.

Subiksha Raman’s Dramatherapy Sessions

She educates on dramatherapy and offers taster sessions. I’ve been meaning to join one since ever. If you can make time, do.

Film companion Writing About Films

I remember signing up for this months ago. I haven’t so much as watched the first video. Perhaps because I have ‘lifetime’ access? Sigh.


Shonda Rhimes has a course on Writing for Television. Sorkin teaches Screenwriting. Scorsese, Mira Nair and Jodie Foster teach filmmaking. God, imagine the possibilities!

(Can I also brag about having completed the writing courses by Gladwell and Baldacci, communication course by Robin Roberts and entrepreneurship by Sara Blakely? No? Ok.)

Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing

It’s a nice short course by someone I’ve grown to love. But perpetually pondering paying LinkedIn for it.

If you’re looking to learn, there is no time like the present to do it from the dinginess of your home. In addition to all the Udemys and Courseras, there are also individuals who are offering unique experiences that would not have even featured on our radar six months ago.

Do you have the bandwidth — mental, physical, emotional, financial — to learn? Tell me more.