Try Mr. Albert for GST filing.

While on the topic of invoicing, if you’re a GST registered freelancer, I strongly encourage you to check out my friend Alex’s GST management service Mr. Albert.

I have three GST numbers — one for emdash and two for me personally (perks of owning multiple businesses!). Filing 3 GSTR-3Bs and GSTR-1s was a bloody nightmare. It took SO MUCH of my time. I got myself a CA and it still came with hassles of her asking me for OTP in the middle of the night.

The wonderful Gowri introduced me to Alex who was then just testing something. After a few rounds of random gyaan, he went away. Only to return a few months later with what’s now Mr. Albert. In short, it relieves you of GST headache.

In reality:

  • They’ll access your invoice management system and get the invoices

  • Calculate your GST liability (taking into account any input credit)

  • Remind you to pay the GST on time

  • And then file it themselves

  • You will have an extraordinary dashboard to see what’s going on where.

But that’s not why I’m recommending them to you. In the last 4 months, I’ve received payments from about 40 people for the resources at The Whole Works. I didn’t raise an invoice or show GST separately. I knew I had to pay GST on it (18%), but didn’t know how the hell to go about it.

Alex said, “give me access to Razorpay and we’ll take care of it”. In no time, they’d figured everything out, explained to me what they’re doing and just handled the damned thing. There are very few people who surprise me with their customer service. Mr. Albert has been incredible.

Check them out. Let me know how it goes.