Keep a lessons file.


The last time I asked people to keep a notebook of something — the compliments journal — I got so much love. So, here I am asking you to keep another file. This one isn’t as much about personal development as it is about good business.

Keep a lessons file.

A document where you keep track of all the ‘feedback’, ‘preferences’ and ‘pointers’ you get from clients. Here are some examples from mine.

  • Limit the use of abbreviations – it’ll, you’d, they’ll

  • Avoid negative connotations – “inconvenience it’ll cause”, “unfortunate and ironic consequence”

  • Not one word more than 800.

  • They had a problem with “bang for the buck”. I feel that’s probably because it sounds frivolous about money.

  • They hate Camel Case, they prefer sentence case all the time, even in headings. (My kinda clients!)

How do I do it?

We have a Notion document. One page for each customer. Anytime anyone from the team learns anything — not just what’s said, but also what’s edited / changed by the client also — they put it there.

Before any new deliverable is sent to the client, I’ll run a quick check to see if all conditions are met. When I handover any client work, either back to them or to another vendor, I give them this document.

You’ll be amazed how effective it is in preventing you from making the mistakes a second time.