End your emails with a question.

A client once suggested that we do a ‘quiz’ campaign for promotions. While others in the team considered it frivolous, her logic was unbeatable. No one can pass up on a good question! I agree. 

Saying “let me know your feedback” often elicits a nod. At best, the answer, “okay, I will”. But asking “Does this work?” or “What do you think?” makes them think about it and commit to a response.

Kindly let me know when I can expect payment. vs. When do I expect payment? 

If you think that sounds rude or impolite, think again. Is it really? I wrote both the sentences in pretty much the same tone. If it really bothers you, say, “oh, also, when do I expect payment?” or “I need to plan my cashflow. When do I expect payment from you? or “how soon can you pay?”

What I’ve done though is get my clients being conditioned to being asked these questions. A client once said, “you’re so to-the-point it’s unsettling” and then settled in.

Now, I end every email with a question — one that they have to respond to — unless I want the final word. 😛 I find that when I ask a question, I’m ghosted less. Try it.

And then will you come back and tell me how it worked?