Draw with your non-dominant hand.

I spent the last six weeks in a group coaching program for self-discovery. I learned (or recalled) a lot of things about myself. But the most pleasant surprise was that I am more creative while drawing with my left hand.


  • LEFT HAND DRAWINGS (the carpet was touched up later, of course)


Don’t judge the drawings. Jaya, our coach, gave us all 30 seconds to draw — 10 drawings with our right hand, and then 10 with the left. The ones I drew with my right were all structured, clear, and boring. The ones with my left were imperfect, crooked, but imaginative. I remember seeing my headphones on video and being inspired from there. Jaya said no. 9 and I drew something out of it.

While my right hand went for what was familiar, the left hand chose adventure. In retrospect, I see how much this reflects in how I solve business problems. Sitting in front of my computer, digging Google, hardly ever gives me the spark to solve complex problem. Lying down in my balcony staring at the birds that could shit in my face anytime — that’s when real magic happens.

I’m just saying, if you’re having a nagging problem, step out of your environment. Write on paper if the word doc isn’t inspiring. Move to the balcony if the office is restrictive. Call a friend, if your colleagues aren’t being helpful. Talk to a stranger on the internet, if you feel too ‘understood’ by those around you. Watch a foreign language film, to see the outside world during the pandemic.

As much as I love my structures and processes, there are times when I a poke of imagination.