Do you resolve reviewer comments?

I had once sent a document titled ‘file-name-final.docx’ to a boss. He asked, “who decides it’s final, you?” Very valid question, no?

As writers for hire, we have superiors and reviewers for our work. They often leave comments on the document. And we re-work based on that feedback. Many writers at this stage resolve the comment, which, in my opinion, is inefficient. It assumes that you’ve addressed their point. But you’re not the deciding authority; the reviewer is.

Also, it’s irritating for the reviewer to look through old comments in version history and confirm it’s all done.

So, here’s what I do: I make the edits and leave a reply to their comments asking, “does this work?” “is this what you meant?” etc. That way, the client will see the change done and they’ll resolve the comment.

To say nothing of the joy in the client confirming that you’ve done what they needed.