Celebrate yourself (and I’m on leave)

When was the last time you congratulated yourself and did a little victory dance? If you don’t remember when that was, take a moment, sit straight and take a deep breath, recall your last success, and be proud of yourself.

The last few months have been hard. On many days, just getting out of bed and making tea has been difficult. I’ve found myself often exhausted, unable to even stand straight. I’ve been late on so many deliverables — the one thing that still eats into me. My eating has been erratic, exercise non-existent.

Yet, I’ve done good work, made more money than I imagined, completed my assignments, kept my promises, hired and am training two young writers, sought help and got it, took care of my mental health, helped many folks looking for work — கூட்டி கழிச்சு பாத்தா, it was time well-lived.

As I turn 34, I’m taking the day off and celebrating. Would you celebrate with me? Share the one thing you’ve done since COVID struck that you’re proud of. Share the love.