I’m embarrassed about my past work.


I studied at Manipal Institute of Communication. As part of our course, we were expected to put out a newspaper one semester. Everyone had to write something. I hadn’t become a writer by then. So, I wrote some some thing about Happy Feet, the film, and filed. I didn’t think much of it.

Later that day, I was walking down the corridor, when I heard my editor and sub-editor (both my classmates) reading my words and laughing. Out loud. I don’t remember much else from that incident, but I remember the sound of that laughter. Strangely though, I’m not angry at the pair — one of them is now my best friend. I’m just embarrassed about the work I produced then.

I believe that embarrassment is truly what makes me a better writer now. Without putting those words out in the world,  and opening myself up to criticism, I wouldn’t have had the chance to improve. Some will sit you down and tell you pleasantly. Some will laugh behind your back. I’m a film critic now, I should know.

Well, the point I’m making is: Being embarrassed about your past work doesn’t mean you’re bad. It just means you know what progress looks like. Laugh at your past and gear up for the future.

P.S: I once pronounced Shawshank Redemption as Shashaank Redemption while asking for the film’s DVD from a roommate. I still remember the face she made, holding back her laughter.

P.P.S: I have also said ren-dess-vuss and lin-ger-eee at one point. Like we often say re-syoom now.