My wish for 2021.

For 2021, I only wish for two things: I want to make the time and energy to read outside of work.

I wanted to start this blog post by saying 2020 has been a weird year and my own advice slapped me in the face. Stating the obvious isn’t the best way to begin an article, but the larger point is that 2020 left me with absolutely no time to read for knowledge.

By this I don’t mean that I didn’t read at all. Of course I read plenty of murder mysteries and I’m delighted I did. But what I didn’t get to do is challenge myself with new ideas down the intelligence rabbit hole.

For instance, I read Gradwolf’s piece on Kangana’s fascism, but made no time to understand fascist cinema, which I otherwise would have. I started reading Emily Nussbaum’s I Like To Watch — I have both a hardback and an audiobook — but never got around to finishing it.

2020 was more than just a weird year. It was an exhausting year. I do hope 2021 spares me more time and energy.

What’s your wish for 2021? Tell tell. I really want to know!